Reviews: Golden Calm Anxiety Release Support Formula

I was giving a one hour talk on how to heal on all levels at an international conference for cancer survivors. Because I had been ill for a week I had not been able to prepare my talk and it was happening in 2 days! I used the formula the next day, along with deep breathing, as I began working on the talk. It helped me stay focused on what I wanted to share and not the anxiety I had been feeling. I also used it the morning of the presentation and despite several ‘tests’, I stayed clam and was able to share my information from the heart with laughter. It was very well received. It felt so good to do what I wanted to do without that nagging apprehension or anxiety getting in the way. This is a great product that I will use often.

I’m glad that you made the Anxiety Relief Balm.  It works really, really well.  The first time I used it, I felt like I just had a martini.  So relaxed.  Slept wonderfully. – T.H.