Reviews: Golden Heat Muscle Pain Relief

I have been using the Joint Arthritis Muscle Formula cream for over a month.  This is one of the best pain relieving creams I’ve ever used, it works within minutes and best of all it’s all natural organic ingredients with no side effects
It’s heating and cooling effect create a great way to help the muscles relax.- J

I used your essential oils and they are fantastic.

I twisted my ankle and I had a pain there. After rubbing it with the cream for a couple of minutes the pain was totally gone!!! -V

 I was crossing the street I was involved in an accident with a vehicle that drove over me. Due to the slow speed of the car and my fast reaction I avoided being heavily wounded, but my physical body was impacted by the collision, and several parts of it became bruise and stiff… Immediately I started anointing the wounded parts with the “Golden Heat” cream, and the next day I visited my chiropractor whom worked on me while applying on my body the “Golden Heat” cream. I was feeling my waist getting stiffer, giving me signs of pain… My chiropractor informed me that although we have been working with the injury it is most possible that I will have pain on my waist for some days. He asked me to continue applying the “Golden Heat” cream. The result was that even before my second session (3 days later) with the chiropractor the pain was not there anymore and the bruises were faded away…!

I feel really blessed to have had these powerful oil remedies when I was in need of them…!