Reviews: Golden Relief Joint Arthritis Stiff Muscle Formula

I was drawn to this product after a recent flare-up of arthritis in my thumb and wrist. I used this formula for a couple of days and the pain was gone. It has not come back. It worked great for me and I highly recommend it.

A few years ago I broke my wrist. It was not set properly.  As it healed it pushed things further out of place and caused pain all the time. I was considering surgery.

I have been using the Golden Relief: Joint Arthritis Stiff Muscle Formula on my wrist and fingers for a few weeks. The pain is gone!

Another unexpected side benefit of using this essential oil combination is that I am beginning to feel the two fingers on my right hand that have been numb since the early 80′s as a result of breaking my neck and having three neck surgeries!!

Please share my message with others who might benefit from utilizing your product. I am thrilled with the results. Thank you for developing these fine products.

This is a no-nonsense product from a no-nonsense manufacture. I have tried many different creams and oils, the difference is these products work. If you want relief from muscle soreness and joint pain then use them.

I highly recommend them.

Kanta Katz N.D. Naturopath

Co founder of the Rose Healing Center